Manna Etchings

One of a kind handmade bookmarks and brooches etched in metal by Tânia-Maria

What is Manna Etchings?


We are so happy you have found our one of a kind metal etchings!  These are made from a sheet of metal and all art is done by hand. Not engraved, no lasers and no mechanical reproduction is used. 

A unique gift you will only find here! 

Currently we offer bookmarks and pins handmade in brass and copper. 

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Manna Etchings - Art by Tânia-Maria

Loving my bookmark I purchased this week! It’s absolutely beautiful and reminds me to continue to love myself and everyone around me regardless of the situation. This art piece was made with great detail and includes Tania Maria’s signature on the back. I LOVE IT!!! May have to purchase another one real soon! Makes great Christmas gifts too!


I have a beautiful etching by Tania-Maria. It is ornate, decorative, and inspiring. It would make a great gift. I love mine.


I received my Piece on Friday. It is truly an amazing piece! I have been collecting art for over 20 years and this has to be one of the best transactions I have had over that time. The piece arrived safely a couple of days after making the transaction. Safely wrapped in a wonderful pouch. This artist is very talented. She put her heart and soul into creating this piece. I'll be ordering additional pieces iin the near future as well as telling friends. Kimble (A customer for Life)

Kimble Goo
A Customer for Life

About the Artist



Tânia-Maria is originally from Bahia, Brazil and she created Manna Etchings in 1993 while living in Los Angeles, California. 

These are one of a kind metal etchings made from brass and copper. She designs, etches and all is done by hand except for polishing when a buffer is used. So every creation is uniquely special.

Her focus now is on Manna bookmarks which make a unique gift and can only be found here. 

She says: "You can purchase the etchings but the love and attention given to each creation is priceless."